About Student Success

What is Student Success?

Student learning and personal development are the goals of a college education.  The Student Success departments and staff at Texas State University are committed to motivating and inspiring Texans to devote time and energy to educational activities, both in and outside the classroom, to lead productive lives and to acquire skills and abilities to deal effectively with major personal and professional challenges. 

Student Success programs and services contribute to the collaborative student retention goals of the University.  The Student Success staff enhance student learning and development.

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Who is Student Success?

The Division of Student Success is comprised of 12 departments that provide high quality, supportive programs and services to our diverse student population.

Mission and Vision

The Student Success Division provides high quality, supportive programs and services to ensure the success of our diverse student population. We create and foster a safe, inclusive and engaged community focused on maximizing student potential for career success, and life-long learning.

Lead, engage, and inspire students to realize their full potential.

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Student Success Goals

I.  Facilitate the retention, graduation and career development of a high quality, diverse student population through sustained partnerships within the campus community and external constituents.

II.  Create and deliver innovative co-curricular programs and services through partnership with faculty, staff and external constituents to ensure the success of students.

III.  Foster a Culture of Care within an environment that is safe, responsive and supportive of a diverse community.

IV.  Increase the campus cultural competencies through University-wide coordination of educational initiatives and skill based training.

V.  Increase student resilience by educating on self-advocacy and well-being.

VI.  Recruit, develop, support and retain high quality, diverse staff.

VII. Expand and manage financial, physical, and technological resources effectively and efficiently to meet the growing demands.